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Teachers of The Secret – Jack Canfield

May 18, 2017 - Comment

Teachers of The Secret – Jack CanfieldRate this post

Teachers of The Secret – Jack Canfield
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Boutique on 57 says:

Video review I have watched this video multiple times. Jack Canfield is a true master of success. He explains all principles so easily and clearly. I recommend his program to everyone who wants to improve his life, health, relationship and go for their dreams.His success speaks for itself with 47 best selling books, 500mln sold copies of Chicken Soup Jack is the GURU of personal success transformation how to have it all and more.

S. E. Jarvis says:

Charmed Again by Jack Canfield Although I had already heard most of the stories, I needed to be reminded of how Jack Canfield had made his way in the world. He didn’t give up on his goal; he kept going in the face of numerous rejections. He believed in himself and prevailed. I also find his speaking style so relaxed and charming. It is a pleasure to watch and listen to him. If you’re looking for a new “secret,” this is not the video to watch. If you just want a refresher course on the pursuit of a dream, and to see…

Bernie says:

Worth every penny! Very inspiring! All the tips Mr. Canfield provides are extremely helpful, and applicable to nearly every situation and circumstance! Well worth every penny!

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