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Rosie the Robot

July 5, 2018 - Comment

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Rosie the Robot
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Oh My Gosh! says:

but it’s sturdy and well constructed The discs come in a folding cardboard and plastic contraption, but it’s sturdy and well constructed. The discs play fine.It was a nice trip down memory lane, but the show was much more enjoyable when I was a kid. Jonny Quest was my all time favorite show that I remember watching when I was a kid. These shows are as good as Twenty First century sci-fi shows like 3 2 1 Penguins! and Miles from Tomorrowland.I devour fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction. Westworld…

Kindle Customer says:

Classic cartoon series that’s fun for the young and old alike, this and the Flintstones are must have series. One of my all time favorite family friendly cartoons, It’s comparable to the Flintstones but set in the future of course. This is a cartoon that I would feel safe showing to a child of any age, they might even learn a lesson or two from it. For any adults watching it the stories are a bit cheesy at times but they are still solid stories about the troubles a futuristic family might face, at least what people thought they might be at the time the show was made.

Ms. Susan L. Silverberg says:

A Chilhood Memory I bought this set because I started watching on Amazon Instant Video and didn’t have the disc space to store the whole plays just as well on my Blu-Ray Player. I love the first season and spent Saturday mornings on NBC watching. When they brought it back and added the character of Orbity, it wasn’t as good. Uniblab and Elroy’s TV Show are my favorite episodes. Janet Waldo, Daws Butler, Don Messick and Mel Blanc are the most memorable voices. Penny Singleton, who voiced Jane Jetson,…

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