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How To Be A three% Man

January 23, 2017 - Comment

How To Be A three% ManRate this post [wpr5-amazon asin=”1411673360″ area=”com”]

How To Be A three% Man
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user8142 says:

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5.0 out of 5 stars
A “must-read” for BOTH men and women., August 17, 2016

By Aubrey L Eicher

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This review is from: How To Be A 3% Man, Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams (Kindle Edition)

As a woman reading this, I even learned more about the small nuances of how I communicate with men that I hadn’t considered and were pretty accurate. It also reminded me of my own worth, too; and that deep within myself I don’t wish to settle for anything less than what I truly want to see in a man. I’d love to evangelize this book: It’s like a cure for that nasty co- and counter-dependency. It’d be really great to see more men out there who are truly themselves and comfortable doing it, centered, strong, and sure of themselves. (Sure and centered; not arrogant, narcissistic, or controlling). It’d make everyone better. I’ve missed expressing my feminine side with a man that I knew/felt it was totally safe to do so with. I’m positive that many other ladies feel the same.

I’d also love to see a woman’s version!

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user2097 says:

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5.0 out of 5 stars
It is the best resource for dating, November 10, 2016

By tgray747

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This review is from: How To Be A 3% Man, Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams (Kindle Edition)

Priceless resource. This has so much content that can change your life. It is the best resource for dating, pick up, relationships, building confidence, understanding women, understanding masculinity and femininity. I am on my 4th read and still going strong with it. Get the audio version when you get the Kindle. You can listen to it anywhere and it can change your life.
Corey Wayne speaks in a way to keep things simple and keep you engaged and will help you learn essentials you need in your relationships.
I have bought other resources in the same genre but this one is the easiest to understand and is simple enough to immediately apply in your life.
I am still surprised how good this book is. So many things to learn from this. It is one of my fave’s relating to confidence and relationships (including dating).
Buy it, read it (10-15 times like he tells you to), and live it, and you will see changes in your life. The guy is spot on and will help you to make changes you need to see success in your relationships.
I read a lot and I learned so much from this. If you want to understand women better, BUY IT! If you want to understand the dynamics of masculinity vs. femininity, BUY IT! I really can’t endorse this enough. He has changed the game for me and his Youtube videos and his website are invaluable resources. This book is so worth the small amount it costs. It really is a no brainer.
This is the best self help book I have read for many years. It is amazing.
This is a strong endorsement and I am in no way connected to Corey Wayne and certainly am getting nothing out of posting this but I feel strongly about it and have seen how applying the principles in the book can have in my life and how it helps so much to understand women better and understand myself better.
He will teach you how to understand women better (like a million percent better) and how to be a MAN. The techniques will make a huge difference in your social and even work life. This book can really change your life. I can’t believe how easy it is to understand his teachings and techniques. I have been clueless in many ways with women in the past and this book has helped me to have more confidence and to not sabotage my relationships.
This book really can help you in your personal and work life. It is so worth the pittance he is asking for it.
Men need to know this stuff because we really are clueless with this. Buy this book and read it over and over and it will save you in countless ways (socially and financially). And I like how he will sell this book for so cheap and then doesn’t try to sell you a whole library of other products. This book is the only resource he sells. So refreshing. I hate being bombarded by the sales pitches for a million other books or videos that just about every other person in this genre does. He does do one on one coaching you can hire him for but no gives more content than this guy does on his website for absolutely FREE. He is not going to try to sell you on buying some new resource he has available. Buy his book and watch his free videos and that is all you need. He is awesome and no one provides more value for what he offers.

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user8201 says:

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4.0 out of 5 stars
Must Read, January 8, 2014

By dasn0wman (Brooklyn, NY United States) –

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This review is from: How To Be A 3% Man, Winning The Heart Of The Woman Of Your Dreams (Kindle Edition)

I needed some advice quick because I came upon meeting an amazing woman. Was looking for advice on YouTube and came across to this author’s videos which I found very informative and makes total sense. The book gives more details so I highly recommend it.

Wow, where do I start? It seems like I lived through 3 lifetimes and still no success with women. I guess now is as good a time to try to change given it’s the new year. I have read countless of these books before and I think this one makes the most sense. It’s amazing how much BS is on this topic and there is actually a book out there that teaches you to become friends with a girl first and then tell her that you like her. Ridiculous. DO NOT DO THIS. I HAVE DONE THIS MANY, MANY, MANY TIMES AND FAILED MANY, MANY, MANY TIMES.

I haven’t really tested this book’s techniques since I just finished the book but I’m pretty sure they will work. Why? Basically, everything this book is telling me NOT to do, I’ve been doing them my entire life:

-Being insecure, always thinking about other guys and how I compare to them
-Being jealous even though she is not even my girlfriend yet
-Being really down on myself and falling in a deep depression for many months after a failed attempt
-Showing feminine traits and weakness
-Not being strong and decisive, letting the girl take control
-Buying her expensive dinners and gifts on the 1st date, 2nd date, 3rd date, etc, etc…
-Talking too much about myself and trying to impress her with wealth and accomplishments
-Not focusing on giving and only what I will get
-Hanging out with her friends and in so becoming part of the ‘group’
-Being a doormat and letting her have her way because I was so ‘in love’ with her
-Thinking a great date activity is going to the movies
-Not going for the kiss, which again, brings us back to FEAR OF REJECTION AND FAILURE

You know, I’m pretty sure I’m missing tons more, but that was my life. Basically, the author tells you to NOT do these things and more.

The only negatives I have for this book is that the writing doesn’t necessarily flow and there are too many stories. I’m a non-fiction reader and would just like facts presented to me quickly. Of course, fiction fans may appreciate this style. So I took off a star in the review because of these minor grievances but otherwise an important book with important information that everybody should know and practice.

The thing that stuck with me is to compare yourself with James Bond. For example, would James Bond care if some other guy is hitting on the girl you like? Heck no, because he’s f-ing James Bond. Would James Bond worry if the girl you like is dating another guy? Again, he would be laughing at the other guy. This is the mentality you should have with women which for years I lack. Actually, just a week before I read this book, I was thinking about this guy who I saw hitting on the girl that I like. I mean I didn’t even ask this girl out and I’m not even focusing on her but on the guy because I was afraid he would be successful. Weak.

Another useful analogy would be to picture women as cats. Cats need a lot of coaxing and time to get used to you so telling a woman you are in love with her or you want to marry her, right off the bat won’t help you.

Basically, the guy needs to be strong, confident, and in control. He needs to be focused on the goal, while at the same time give the woman a fun, comfortable, and enjoyable time. No doubt, easier said than done and will take practice for change to happen.

Another reality check that the book mentions is to just go for women interested in you. Why waste your time with someone who has no interest in you? While this is true, that can only mean if the hot girl you are pursuing is a 9 and you’re a 3, chances are bad. This is not always true, though. I myself am probably a 3 or 4 at most but I usually go for women at least a 5, but usually get around that range. There were probably 2 or 3 times I went out with a 8 or 9 so stuff happens. I think that I might have married one of these girls had I have the knowledge possessed in this book at the time.

Another point to learn from only focusing on women interested in you is to stop fixating on just one woman whom you think is your soul mate when she could care less about you. This was a big problem I had in the past and from reading blogs on the internet, a common problem with a lot of guys. I guess somehow I think if I stay the course, she may change her mind miraculously. Again, the cat analogy is important. The woman needs space and time and maybe she will come to you but she may not. If you constantly focus on her and instant messaging her everyday and pursuing her, the cat will not come near you. I actually…

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