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Freedom Mastery Law of Attraction Success Planner Personal Journal with A5 Hardcover

January 17, 2017 - Comment

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Product Description
Imagine a planner that will help you plan every part of your life: It helps you handle the big questions, like finding your life purpose and passion. Then, in a few easy steps, it guides you with crafting a vision, setting big goals, and creating a step-by-step plan to guarantee you will reach your goals. Next, and this is a key area most people miss, this planner makes sure you stay motivated every day. It shows you the easy way of creating a strategy to keep you focused and driven. You can set priorities for your goals and keep a schedule for appointments, as well as for creating positive habits. The habit building process designed into the planner leads you through the same process NASA used for reprogramming astronauts, proving that it will definitely work for you! This will help you reprogram your mind for success, and eliminating any obstacles holding you back. You will feel yourself being focused and applying the law of attraction for making the universe deliver the life of your dreams - quickly, naturally, and joyously What is all inside this planner:
❤ Law of attraction roadmap: 8 steps to design your dream life
❤ Awareness and self-discovery guide
❤ Craft your vision & mission statement guide
❤ Annual goal setting guide
❤ Vision Board out foldable
❤ Strategy & Planning Guide
❤ Reprogram your mind & unlock your true potential
❤ Create your life statement
❤ Create a new supportive story
❤ Feel good guide - Energy Tuning for faster manifestation
❤ Chunk bigger goals in smaller goals (Mind mapping)
❤ Weekly planning overview (56 weeks)
❤ Monthly overview, goals and priorities (12-months)
❤ Undated Version, you can start when you want
❤ Monthly reflection page (12- months)
❤ Calender for 2016,2017,2018,2019
❤ 100 gsm thick paper (+235pages)
❤ A5 Size
❤ Pu Leather Hard Cover

Price: $23.95
  • ❤ THIS IS A LIFE PLANNER showing you how to become the best possible version of yourself on a mental, physical and interpersonal level...
  • ❤ Find Your Life Purpose - Discover what you truly want in your life, following your passion and purpose will give you more joy than you ever imagined.
  • ❤ Learn How To Set Big Goals - Follow the same methods millionaires and billionaires around the world follow to set goals.
  • ❤ Increase Your Productivity By 300% - Help you become much more productive by focusing only on your top priorities and delegate the rest. So you achieve more and create more free time for yourself.
  • ❤ Weekly To Do Lists, Feel Good List & Gratitude List - The Weekly/Monthly feel good list will help you not to forget yourself and put yourself first.


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